Our Building


Our Building:

The Historical Society building was originally a Congregational Church. The church society contracted Jacob Hovey to build this church and it was completed in 1834 at a cost of $2,200.

In 1866 the building was sold to the trustees of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Society.   They used this building until the summer of 1991, when it was sold to the West Bloomfield Historical Society.

The West Bloomfield Historical Society is working hard to preserve this historic building.   We have painted the exterior, updated the wiring, removed the raccoons, purchased display cases and protected our beautiful windows with plexiglass.   Water has been made available along with heat and indoor plumbing.    Interior painting and repairs, a new rear entrance, and additional work to preserve the windows are all part of our restoration plan.



Within our walls, the past comes alive through an extensive collection of artifacts generously donated by town residents.  These items date from the early 1800s to the 20th century and depict life in West Bloomfield, Ionia, and North Bloomfield—the settlements that form the Town of West Bloomfield today.

The collection includes items from the area’s earliest households, farms, and businesses, as well as those that depict education, religious life, and Scouting.  A unique relic is a section of pipe from the famous “Bloomfield gas well” that attracted national attention in the late

1800s and generated stock sales of $100,000.

Other artifacts and photos tell the stories of the town’s ordinary citizens and famous residents.  Among these are blacksmiths, millers, and teachers; Revolutionary minutemen and Civil War veterans; farmers who developed new plant varieties; a nationally recognized conservationist; and an illustrator of children’s books.  Those who frequented and conducted business in West Bloomfield also included Mormon leader Brigham Young and city namesake Nathaniel Rochester.

The Society offers histories on many local families, houses, and barns.  Our historian can help you access this information.

Our Moon and Stars Logo


Our Moon and Seven Stars logo depicts the landmark weathervane that has stood atop
the West Bloomfield Congregational Church
since the early 1800s.

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Collection Example



Collection Example