Hamlet of West Bloomfield

Peck Homestead

The dwelling was built by, or for, Watrous Peck (1777-1862) in 1803. Watrous was a direct, sixth-generation descendant of William Peck (1601-1694).  

Charles Web / Ainsworth House

The house, circa 1820, is illustrated on the 1859 hanging map of Ontario County and was more recently one of the homes illustrated in "The Victorian Era of the United States"

Bristol View Farms

"..it is an old house but we are not really sure of the date it was built.... in 1976 we remodeled and found glued to the cracks of the planks, (walls)  newspapers dated 1815.   

Gardner House

The actual settlement of West Bloomfield began when Peregrine Gardner came and built a house on the old Indian Trail, now 5&20 near this residence.

Henry Brown House

This large Queen Anne farm house was built in 1901. 

Pinewood Service Station

It was the first prefabricated building to be erected on Route 5&20.  it was purchased from the Gordon-Van Tine Company in Davenport, Iowa.

Hamlet of Ionia

Locust Lawn

Locust Lawn Restaurant, Strong Road - circa 1950

Cobblestone School

Millers Corners (Ionia) Cobblestone School at 2138 Elton Road built in 1850, used until 1902 when the rear wall fell in.

Ionia 4-corners

  Upper & Lower Stores at the Ionia 4-corners,  circa 1902

Methodist Church

Millers Corners (Ionia) Methodist Church, Elton Road,  built in 1840

Peanut Line

Peanut Line Train tracks passing through the Ionia 4-corners,  looking west, 1908

Triangle Building

Triangle Building at the Ionia 4-corners, built in 1878 and used until it burned down in 1917 when a spark from a passing train ignited the building!